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Help with a la cart cookware set


Cookware 22

Help with a la cart cookware set

red22 | Jul 15, 2014 04:13 PM

Hi all, looking for some help with a cookware set. I have been doing research on this great site for a few months, found some similar threads, but nothing exact.

I tend to cook lots of pastas, asian foods, mexican food, "american" food, fried food, and steaks/chicken and fish. I cook for no more than 6 people. I had a calphalon nonstick set for a few years, and it was great...but its 5 years old now, a little warped, and damaged (it was my "learning" set). It also gave me some pots and pans I rarely used due to their awkward size.

I am looking to upgrade and change up my set, but keep it to just the essentials. I don't want excess pans/pots, but I also want the right tools for the job. The thing is, I am not sure if I am overlapping too much. I do tend to get gear happy which is why I want to buy it all at once and not piece by piece over time.

Let me know if there is anything I am missing out on here..Ive never owned any of these types of pans, just nonstick and cheap-o ones.

1.carbon steel 8 inch (debuyer)
2. carbon steel 11 inch (debuyer)
3. Cast iron 10 inch
4. 2 quart saucepan (mauviel stainless)
5. 3 quart saucier (mauviel SS)
6. 4.5-5 quart saucier (mauviel SS)
7. Stock pot
8. crock pot

(or as close to those sizes as possible)

le creuscet and a wok

My thinking was the carbon steels are good for everyday use, the cast iron for steaks and fish, the sauciers for pastas, rice dishes, beans etc, the 2 qt for soup and small meals. I am not sure if the saucier and the saucepans are both needed. The crockpot is for chili and soup, the le creuscet for braising and when I want to make good chili ;-). And of course, everyone needs a stock pot. Is my thinking sound? Am I getting too much stuff or too little? Could I get less or combine pans? Is it a waste to have a crock and a creuscet?

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