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Kyocera Ceramic Knives -- Do I Want One?


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Kyocera Ceramic Knives -- Do I Want One?

nosh | Feb 15, 2013 05:00 PM

Was visiting my mom in her winter condo in Fort Myers and she showed me her new Kyocera ceramic knives -- I saw a small chef-like knife and a small one, a bit bigger than a paring knife, that I used as a steak knife (went through a pork chop beautifully). She says she has one more that is larger.

She has offered to buy me one. I have two questions: What do you do to hone them? I have two santokus, a carbon-steel chef's knife, and a few others in a block I rarely use. I use a steel to hone these between uses. Mom says the ceramic knives do not need any honing.

Second, would a ceramic knife provide any benefits over the santokus and be worth the care they require due to their fragility?

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