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Kuala Lumpur - KL-Cantonese Eats at Robson Heights (乐胜嶺河鱼酒家)


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Kuala Lumpur - KL-Cantonese Eats at Robson Heights (乐胜嶺河鱼酒家)

klyeoh | May 10, 2013 06:27 AM

This no-frills eatery is located in what looked like a large-ish converted shed perched on the Robson Heights hillock overlooking the Federal Highway. The interior can be best described as retro-70s KL.

What we had:

- Claypot crab rice: absolutely replete with crab-roe, topped with very fresh, sweet-fleshed crabs which had been stir-fried in dark soysauce. I'd have been bowled over by this dish, except that I've had a *much* superior rendition at nearby Siu Siu ( Nonetheless, the version here was pretty respectable, if a tad salty.

- Braised pork-ribs. Now, this dish was utterly divine - fall-off-the-bone pork ribs braised in dark-soysauce and other secret condiments (I seemed to detect plum sauce), then baked to achieve that charred, caramelly exterior.

- Prawn omelette with onions & chillies. This relatively drier and more neutral-tasting dish was a perfect foil for the strong, assertive flavours of the crab and pork dishes.

- Braised tofu topped with snake-gourd. I *love* tofu, but I didn't quite take to this dish: the tofu was batter-fried in cornflour (which tasted like more than a pinch of custard powder had been added, yech!), the braising sauce was tasteless (a bit of dried scallops would have been nice), and the snake-gourd, though it had the perfect texture, was jarringly bitter. Avoid!!

Overall, a satisfactory meal, but pales in comparison to Siu Siu, just 5 minutes' drive away up the hillock.

Address details
Robson Heights Fresh Seafood Restaurant (乐胜嶺河鱼酒家).
10B Jalan Permai, off Jalan Syed Putra
50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2274 1633

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