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krispy kreme: i don't get it


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krispy kreme: i don't get it

basil | Jan 21, 2002 09:27 AM

finally made it to the much ballyhooed kk here in seattle, and i must say...they were the WORST donuts i have ever experienced! i have a reasonable sweettooth, but the sugar level was about 6 times that fit for human consumption. and i was not alone in that opinion -- my 3 companions all thought likewise.

we bought a dozen with great anticipation...barely managed to down one apiece, and took the other 8 home. after refrigeration overnight (thought the might be less sweet once COLD), my SO and i tried a nibble of one more. no improvement. even left the cream & sugar out of my coffee in a futile attempt to dilute them, but no such luck. dunk or no dunk, they stunk!

my kids also tried one apiece. their sweetteeth are a good deal stronger than my own (being children and all), yet they ate less than half and pitched the rest. ultimately we pitched the remaining 5 (and 3 partials) outright.

not only didn't these sugarballs reach the level of "devine" donuts, they didn't even reach the level of "edible"! i would gladly pay twice as much for anything from 7-11, Entenmann's or Safeway instead.

what's the deal? bad batch?

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