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Kraft Mac & Cheese - why margarine not butter?


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Kraft Mac & Cheese - why margarine not butter?

magnolia | Feb 6, 2001 10:39 AM

OK - all the posts about secret spam lovers has helped me to admit in public that I love Kraft Mac & Cheese. I've done without for four years because I've been too embarrassed to ask guests to bring it.

I searched high though Waitrose and low through Tesco. But my descriptions to supermarket folks (it's macaroni with a little packet of nuclear orange powder) drew looks almost as blank as when I asked for non-dairy whipped topping (but that's another story).

Finally - I have found it! Sainsbury's carries it as "KRAFT CHEESY PASTA" and it's in a red box rather than a blue one. But it's the same beloved stuff.

HOWEVER - I had forgotten that the 'recipe' (let's call it the 'just add') called for margarine which I now hate. Why do you think it calls for marg instead of butter - and do you think I can substitute butter? I'm thinking there must be a really good rationale (unless it's just that Kraft makes butter?!)?


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