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amy t. | Nov 17, 2005 01:06 AM

Hey Y'all,

Okay, Kosherfest (as usual) was a total blast!!! Man, all you would need to add to this event is Amusement Park rides and it would feel like...a kosher Disneyworld!

I attended the show on Tuesday (the first day), after encoutering a bit of a hard time with the on-site Press Office. Did they not realize that the lovely and ever-radiant amy t., former James Beard Foundation Staff Writer and all-around great gal of culinary influence was coming to check out the goods? I mean, have you EVER heard of a Press Office actually trying to turn a member of the Press AWAY? Needless to say, I attended the show, met lots of creative and enthusiastic people that are making great kosher food products and returned to my office with goodies! Word to the Press Office: "Don't even TRY to rain on my parade again! Silly and not nice is...silly and not nice! Beware, my Press Office friends...the lovely and ever-radiant amy t. has a gizmo that can shoot pellets of Kasha Varnishke's for miles and miles...Wham! Bam! Watch yo' back!"

Here are my faves from Kosherfest 2005...
Sally Sherman Macadamia Nougat - awesome, chewy like a marshmallow!
Hanoked Dairy Gilon (Hard) Cheese - A cross between Blue Cheese/Parmesean - Mmmm!
Corn Thins - Big round thin crackers for non-wheat eaters - great for healthy diet!
Kabbalah Water Energy Drink - Sugar free, fruity, loaded w/ vitamins! As powerful as coffee!
Real New York Bagels&Bialys - Frozen B&B's made from New York water - genius idea! Great!
Manischewitz Parve Yellow/Choc. Cake Mixes - Goodbye Duncan Hines! Tastes PERFECT!
Betz Boys Frozen Pan Pizza - Best tasting frozen pizza on the market!
Fox Ridge Bakeries - Mini-Bundt Cakes and Snickerdoodle (spice) cookies!

Also, kosher highlights from The 2005 Chocolate Show last Sunday...
Baking By Design's Chocolate Challah - Essex House Pastry Chef private line scores an A+!
Fairytale Bakery Brownies - 12 decadent flavors -great gift packaging -- Chewy & Deelish!
Schokinag EuropeanDrinkingChocolate- Wow! Extreme Dark,White Choc., Some Sugar-Free too!

Also re:K'fest 2005, Mike from Mike's Bistro was there promoting a new kosher Chili...the most enthusiastic purveyor was the gal at Beyond Classics dressings & sauces...Kindest Purveyor Award goes Sam Kristol of Real New York Bagels&Bialys...Yiddishe Kup Award goes to the rep from Bender Hammerling Group who "Reps" the Manischewitz Cake launch - a Publicist's publicist...the lovely women from Fox Ridge Bakeries of Mission, Kansas made me feel like I was back in Kansas - there's no place like home...Payard's baked goods were represented at BOTH shows but they did not let anyone taste the products - be filed under "Say What?", like a scene straight out of "Goodbye Columbus" - the life-sized sculpture of a man at a shtender made completely out of...Hummos!!! You can't make this stuff up!

That's the scoop!
amy t.

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