Kosher "Smoked Meat" in Montreal?


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Kosher "Smoked Meat" in Montreal?

ravchaz | Mar 1, 2011 03:56 AM

I recently read David Sax's book "Save the Deli" which was a good read though I am saddened by so many of what he considers to be the best delis being blatantly treif. I winced when one deli owner described his process of making kashe varnishkes which began by sauteeing the kashe in butter and shmaltz.

But I was intrigued by his descriptions of "smoked meat" in Montreal. Sadly, the most famous smoked meat place, Schwartz's, is not kosher. We are going to be in Montreal for a few days in late June and I was wondering if anyone knew of a kosher deli or restaurant with smoked meat. We will have a car and are willing to drive anywhere within reason in the Montreal metro area; we'll be staying in the Chinatown neighborhood.

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