Kosher Shipping, or Foods to Travel Well


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Kosher Shipping, or Foods to Travel Well

ilanaR | Dec 1, 2011 12:50 PM

Heya Chowhounds, my husband and I are traveling to Austin for a wedding next month and staying for about four days. I know about the kosher deli there but we won't really have access to our own car and don't want to inconvenience people too much. We are vegetarians and keep cholov yisrael and eat fish.

Maybe this is a stretch, but would anyone deliver ready made meals to our hotel in Austin? I seem to remember hearing about a place that would be willing to do that wishful thinking or does that exist?

Alternatively or in supplement, what are some foods we can take that travel well? Besides the obvious granola bars, trail mix, cans of peanut butter etc. We can buy that near the hotel where we're staying, but I'm really something that might be a satisfying meal substitute. I'm thinking cheese sticks or something - we're on a 4 hour flight from Newark to Austin and I'm sure they would keep, I've kept them in my purse for longer.


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