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Cheesehead in recovery | May 23, 200501:10 PM

im curious to find out the subtlety of keeping one's home strictly kosher -- i have separate dishes, but once in a while my hubby messes up, I mess up, I make a compliated meal, or something gets in the wrong place, or he brings in left-overs. Frankly its not glat, or perfect for that matter. I've worked in strictly kosher environments, and it still seems that there are subtle variations of kashrut and strictness.

We have a modest home, limited budget, most of my menu's are parve anyway because im a vegatarian. When i buy meat, its always kosher and i use my meat dishes. (Its easy to keep the george forman for meat!)
But for salad, i'll use a glass bowl that i use only for veggies.

Is it ok to use a parve collander when you're making a dairy meal? What about Spices? I love exotic flavors, and in my mind if it comes from a tree or plant...it is parve by def'n. i don't get caught up in the plant or machines in which its processed.

I always want to bring my home made goodies to kosher folks homes, but im not sure that im really kosher enough....

ideas and feed back welcome - I suspect im not alone on this.

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