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Kosher hamburger texture??

cheeseguysgirl | Mar 11, 201206:30 PM

Dear CH kosher klatsch-

I have gotten fantastic ideas from this board, and so I wonder if you can give me your advice on a dilemna. I am moving toward keeping kosher, having given up pork and shellfish, but am having a hard time switching certain foods. Hamburger seems to be one of them. In the past, I made my (nonkosher) hamburgers using 80/20 (meat to fat ratio) ground beef (not specific to a particular cut), fairly thick (like maybe 1") and I cook them to medium rare, which gave them a juicy tender texture. Cooking my kosher burgers the same way has left me with a very tough texture, even though they are still fairly juicy. I use the kosher meat from Costco- it's Solomon's brand. I have had other kosher burgers in restaurants that also seem to have this very tough texture- I don't know if it's the kosher cuts that have a characteristic texture, or if it's the brand, or if it's something I'm doing. Would adding a panade (like bread moistened with soymilk or almond milk) help? What can I do to make the texture more tender??? It will be very hard to get my household to endorse the move to kosher unless I can provide the same deliciousness factor-- most things have done well, but this one is a stumbling block. Can you help???

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