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Kosher Champagne/sparkling

Fred | Jun 9, 200506:30 PM

Anyone out their with incredibly snooty and demanding tastes have a kosher champagne/sparkling to recommend? Price is no object. My friend's dad is a wine snob. He doesn't drink kosher wine but needs to get it for his daughter's wedding, in order to satisfy his machatonim.

I found a few on the internet that sound promising (not that "sound" is really the issue, needless to say). He can go and try them, but tell me: do the truly frum drink non-mevushal wine (assuming they otherwise have no problem with the hashkafa)? I move in modern Orthodox circles, so I really don't know the in's and out's of Boro Park and Crown Heights.

For extra credit, if you have extra time: The following seems like a reasonably comprehensive list (though I'm sure it doesn't include everything (including Korbel's limited run of kosher sparkling)). Can you look and see if you know and can recommend any of them?


Link: http://www.queenannewine.com/kossparw...

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