Kosher at Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD)

Prettypoodle | Aug 31, 201112:51 PM

Last night we were in Baltimore and saw the O's try to loose to the icky Blue Jays. Somehow the O's won. Yeah!

After stopping at Kosher Bite and buying TWO orders of their wonderful fried chicken wings (which I LOVE!) and munching on beef egg rolls as a snack after out LONG ride from PA, we went to the game.

Got inside and realized the wings were still in the car!@@ So off to the Kosher food we went. The cart is on the main concourse. Our seats were MUCH higher:)

The Kosher food is provided by Kosher Sports (Star k) who used to do the Kosher food at the Linc in Philadelphia before Max and Davids step in. The choices were disapointing. It is hard, hard to smell the barbque and funnel cakes and even the scent of old bay on the treif gifts of the sea and have a choice of a hotdog or an italian sausage (a kosher version of course) or a pretzel or a few other snack thing or a beverage. Being a Philly girl I know my pretzels and got a HUGE one asnd my beverage of choice - diet Coke. My hubby got a water. I think they had bee too. i dunno - I dont drink it. The $5 monster pretzel was warm and tastey. I added mustard (Heinz deli style) at a kiosk a few steps away that is for EVERONE (the 3,229 people who attended the game:( ) to use. I found that to be strange and really thought they'd have those pesty little packets.instead, but this was obviuosly OK with Star K.

The pretzel was good. I really enjoyed it. I am glad they had them. I only wish the cart had a better selection of food. But I guess if you are more responsible as we were alst night and remember to bring your own food in, there is lots of really good kosher food in Baltimore not too far (maybe 30 minutes in rush hour) from the ball parks (the Ravens play across the street)

This was our third baseball game in about 2 and a half weeks. We went to see the Phillies win after a 2 1/2 HOUR rain delay at Jewish Herutage night. Max and Dabids did the food. Need i say more? The other game was a less than minor league game in Camden NJ. which had not had Kosher food for sale in that city in probbably 50 years.:(

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