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kosher butcher in Austin?


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kosher butcher in Austin?

Cranky Yankee | Jan 10, 2006 06:41 PM

I've recently discovered how hard it is to find fresh kosher meat in Austin. The only place that I know of dealing in kosher meat at all is the HEB by Far West, and they only have frozen and/or packaged meats -- no whole carcasses available for custom service! Although I'm still learning to have a sense of humor about this, I have to admit it's sort of funny that one of the attendants laughed in my face when I asked if they ever had chickens with the feet still on. (I wanted to make my chicken soup *old-school*.)

So, does anyone know a butcher shop where an Austinite could purchase glatt kosher meat, cut to order? I don't worry about this often, but some recipes just taste better with traditionally prepared meats. (Plus, it hinders my capacity to cook for some of my religious friends.) Any recommendations for a hapless Red Sea pedestrian like me?

Cranky Yankee


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