Kosher Bison at Shop Rite / Cherry Hill


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Kosher Bison at Shop Rite / Cherry Hill

JugglerDave | May 23, 2005 10:26 AM

As we were stocking up for some barbecues we saw that the Kosher Experience (Shop Rite / Cherry Hill NJ) now has a good selection of about 7 different cuts of bison at their fresh counter.

If I remember correclty they had riblets, flanken ribs, boneless rib steak, bone-in rib steak, delmonico steak (not 100% on that last one), maybe 1 or 2 more items (roasts, I think).

The prices are high of course. The boneless rib steak topped the charts at $15.99 / lb, compared to $11.99 for the beef version.

The meat looked very fresh and with a great color. Bison is 1/2 the fat and cholesterol of beef. Because of this, I'll have to be very careful on the grill because the meat will get tough very quickly and I've heard it's best to cook to medium-rare.


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