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Kosher beef cuts beside brisket

ConsApi | Oct 10, 201308:54 PM

I had originally posted this on the Kosher board and was recommended that I also post here. Basically I'd like to make Texas style BBQ brisket without using brisket (If you've ever priced brisket at a kosher butcher shop, you'll know why I want to do this.) As background, for various ritual reasons, the cuts of beef sold by kosher butchers are all from the front half of the steer. So what I'm looking for is something from the forequarters that has enough fat so that when I stick it in the smoker for hours to cook it to tenderness, it won't get all dried out.

I'm interested in doing some kosher Q on my Weber grill in the backyard. I had some good results smoking a turkey, and not I want to try my hand at making the kind of good BBQ like you get in Texas. However, I recently priced a whole kosher brisket, and I'd rather not have to take out a loan just to have dinner, not to mention the fact that our 3 person family would take a long time to eat 10 lbs of meat.

I'd like to know if anyone has any experience using other beef cuts, I would think that a chuck roast might work well, especially if I talk the butcher into leaving the fat in so the meat can baste while it smokes, but I have some concern that it might be hard to carve into slices.

On a recent trip to Texas, someone served me a smoked "clod" roast (i.e. shoulder roast), which surprised me, as the cut is very lean and I would think it would get dried out if it sat in the smoker too long. I've used shoulder roasts for Maryland Pit Beef, but that's cooked rare and sliced thin, which it needs to be because the meat is sort of tough once it gets well done, but not stewed. This smoked clod, on the other hand was very well done, but not too tough and not dried out at all. I wonder how they did it.

Am I missing any other kosher cuts that might work out well on the BBQ that aren't as expensive (or large) as a whole brisket?

Thanks in advance,

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