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Korean restaurants, I don't get it.

PeterL | Jan 4, 200806:16 PM

So we took our son for Korean food the night before we put him on a plane. We went to one he knew well, a well regarded place in a city with a large concentration of Korean. We had: the usual array of panchan, two kinds of grilled meat (beef boneless short ribs and another kind of beef), a dumpling soup, and seafood crepe. The bill came to $90. So here is my question, for $90 I could treat 10 of my best friends to one sumptious Vietnamese meal, or the three of us could stuff ourselves with an exceptional Cantonese dinner. But instead we got meat that we grilled ourselves (OK they did the marinate), a dumpling soup so thin that I'd be ashamed to serve in my own home, seafood crepe with faked crab meat!!, and panchan that included potato salad?

I am sorry but I could've cooked all of these at home myself, and I am not that good a cook. Granted it's a very nice restaurant, but is this typical of Korean restaurants here in the US? I just don't see the price/value.

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