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can you name this korean dish?


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can you name this korean dish?

jasmurphy | Sep 4, 2001 06:13 PM

so, i spent a summer in korea a few years back and fell in love with this incredible korean dish made with chicken. it's made in a circular grill that everyone sits around. it's got a red, kind of spicy sauce on it. all sorts of vegetables are thrown in and some duk (those great little finger-like rice concoctions). it grills away for a while. later in the meal the woman running the restaurant would throw some rice in. and we would always have soju with it, as would everyone else in the place--but that may have been us. you could get this anywhere in seoul that had a chicken on the window or its sign. unfortunately i put far more korean food in me that summer than i did words, so i don't really know what it's called. we called it t'kalbi (NOT to be confused with the ever popular kalbi [i.e. beef]), which seemed to do the trick there, but everytime i've tried to order that here in nyc i get a blank stare. can anyone help with the name and, for super bonus points, a place where i can get it in manhattan or queens? thanks in advance.

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