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Knorr Chicken Bouillon: Spanish vs. Chinese


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Knorr Chicken Bouillon: Spanish vs. Chinese

swingline | Dec 11, 2003 10:24 AM

I noticed a while ago that there are different ingredients as well as a difference in sodium content between the Knorr Chicken Bouillon marketed to the different communities. I bought 2 boxes of this product at an Asian grocery store, 1 with Spanish on the box and Chinese on the other box. I noticed that the ingredients were slightly different and that the nutritional differences were way different. For example, the sodium content per serving for the Spanish is 1340 mg as opposed to 1150 mg for the Chinese. The fat content is also higher for the Chinese bouillon.

I did a taste test and the Chinese bouillon is significantly less salty and actually tasted better, with sweeter overtones.

Does anyone have a box on Knorr Bouillon with just English on the box? I would be curious to know if it was closer to the Spanish or Chinese version. Also, does anyone know if other companies tweak their formulas for other products?

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