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chefj | Sep 19, 2003 10:59 AM

My personal knives are Henckels Pro S--I mostly use my 8" (?) chef's or my 4" parer, but also use the 7" slicer quite a bit. I've been commissioned by the family to start putting together some knives for them. So far, I've gotten an allotment for 2 knives. I'm thinking to go with an 8" chef's and perhaps a 6-7" granton Santoku... I haven't ever played with the latter, so I'm seeking a bit of advice here. Any comments on my choices? I also have thought maybe a Japanese-style veggie knife (rectangular-like shape) could be fun...

Important (especially if this actually stays w/my folks rather than me keeping them): they need to be relatively easy to manage. I bought them a chef's choice 3-stage electric sharpener. I know that MAC knives don't like these sharpeners due to their unique edges, and am not sure about others. I don't anticipate they'll (my family) take well to using a whetstone...

That all said, any comments/advice on brands and knife types? I was thinking perhaps Messermeister Meridian Elite (I like the full bolster w/the rivets) or MAC if I can find a good way for them to keep them sharp...

Thank you!


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