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Knife Trouble. Sharp, but no edge??


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Knife Trouble. Sharp, but no edge??

Nocontact | Nov 26, 2012 08:22 AM

I have a Henckel 4-star chef's knife, not the most impressive knife in the world I know but good for a beginner cook like me on a budget.
Out of the box is was not particularly sharp, so I took it to Eugene at Knife in Toronto. (Good guy by the way.) He sharpened if up for me so I was able to slice through a tomato easily which I know is a good test of sharpness.
It seemed like it was struggling to get through certain foods lately, it would now drag on tomatoes and I can't get all the way through an onion to dice it.
I took it back to knife and Eugene said it was still sharp, just needed a little touch up on his fine sharpening stone and some strop which he generously did. Voila, take it home and it's goes through a tomato like it should.
Strangely though, after two uses, it's now not slicing through a tomato any more! I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if the blade is a dud or what, but this is really frustrating!
How can a knife lose it's edge after making one meal???

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