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Another knife sharpening question...


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Another knife sharpening question...

bg031 | Jan 11, 2011 07:06 PM

Hi guys,
First post here. I have searched the forum to see this question has been answered, but I haven't found it, so here goes...

I have recently acquired a Global G4 knife (7-in Oriental Cook's Knife), which I love love love, but it was the display knife on Williams Sonoma so I was warned that it needed sharpening (got it discounted anyhoo so I was ok with that). I did hone it using my husband's Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stone (med and fine grits), and it was truly amazing afterwards. However, I was thinking of getting my own sharpening stone, and was leaning towards the Naniwa Super Stone 1000 grit. Is this fine, or should I just get a Ceramic Sharpening Rod for now, and hold of on the whetstone? I am a newbie with this. My previous knife was a cheapie 6-in chef's knife that got the job done but would not hold an edge so I was constantly using a sharpening steel with it:(

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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