A two knife present - what to pick?

CHSeifert | Jun 17, 202004:38 PM     26

I’ve been given the honour to pick two knives as a round birthday present for a family member, who is into cooking but still use his Global Knives from the 90’s.

Nothing wrong with Global knives, they are excellent value in my opinion.

But he wants a 20 cm chef knife and a 18 cm santoku knife.
Budget is around $750-$800 total.

I’m torn in between Kramer Damascus, Miyabi 5000 MCD, Miyabi 5000 MCD 67 and Yaxell Super Gou.

He has tried all 4 model of knives - even cutting with them at a show room 1 month ago.
He enjoyed all of them, was very humble and impressed over the level of quality and craftsmanship.

I have offered sharpening the knives for him for free twice a year. I use 3 Naniwa Chosera whetstones for sharpening.
I’m able to sharpen knives so they get a very fine sharp edge.

What would you pick?

He is open for other suggestions, but he would like to be able to test them beforehand or at least hold them in his hand. So Shun SG2 are out since we can’t find them in any store here. Shun VGMax is NOT an option.

I personally don’t find Shun Premier worth its price. The knife is not flush like the Miyabi knives, full of uneven edges in the handle and where the handle meats the blade. Also the VGMax steel is not something I would recommend.
If Shun Premier was priced 50% lower it would be a good knife for the price. As it is now, it’s overpriced compared to Miyabi and Yaxell in my opinion.

He’s right handed BTW

He makes mostly French, Italian and a twist of Asian Cuisine type of food.

Cheers, Claus

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