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A knife, a bowl, and a Chinese grandparent...

redbeanbun | Sep 17, 201104:35 PM

I've been reading the many CH posts on knife sharpening so I know there are a few knife experts out there. When I read the posts about ceramic rods, it reminded me of my younger days, where a Chinese grandparent (mine or otherwise) can bee seen, knife in one hand, turning over various bowls in the cabinets, looking for the unglazed bottom rim, then taking a few swipes of the knife across the bottom of the bowl. I remember turning over some bowls at a few households looking for tell-tale scuff marks.

So I want to know, has anyone else observed this ritual? does this really work? If so, why spend $20 for a ceramic rod, or worse a few hundred $$ for a name-brand ceramic rod? Wouldn't we all have a serviceable bowl in our cabinet? Or do I still need to continue my search for a new knife sharpening option? Thx all.

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