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8Gr8N8 | Dec 27, 2005 04:15 PM

Dear Hounds,

Unlike many of you, I’m no professional chef/knife jedi, but my wife and I enjoy home-cooked meals six days a week. My wife’s the kind of girl who likes watching Rachel Rae. I’m the kind of guy who reads Consumer Reports before I buy an appliance.

Please advise me on picking out our very first set of nice knives. I am utterly overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of information I’m being exposed to in trying to read these threads, and learn this new knife jargon and about how Japanese makers like Tojiro, Global, and Shun rate against Wustofs and Messermeister. I am a huge ignoramus. Please keep it simple. Treat me like a favored idiot child.

Here are my needs: I have 5 or 6 hundred to spend. I want to end up with a block of quality, durable knives for my kitchen. I’d be ok with spending a few minutes sharpening every month or two, but I don’t spend a lot of time carving flowers out of tomatoes and I’m not looking for a new full time hobby. Just the sharpest low maintenance knives I can get for the money. Don’t worry, I won’t put them in the dishwasher.

In my block of knives I think I need:

Bread knife
Carving knife
Paring knife
Boning knife (I haven’t seen boning knives in Japanese sets… Why?)
Workhorse (chef’s knife? Gyuto?)
Maybe a cleaver too, if I can work that in.
Sharpening stone? Honing rod?

I also need a set of steak knives. I’m thinking serrated?

As far as balance or handle ergonomics go, I don’t know beans about any of that. I imagine some of you might suggest I go to a knife store and try a few knives out. In that case, do you have a favorite store to recommend? I’m currently stuck in Los Angeles…

Thank you for your time,


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