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What knife should I get next?

mpad | Dec 22, 201103:57 PM

I'll be in Calgary the first week of January and there is an awesome knife shop specializing in Japanese blades there ( http://knifewear.com/index.asp ).

Last time I was there I bought a Suisin Inox Honyaki 270 mm Gyuto ( http://knifewear.com/knife-family.asp... ) and a Masakage 150 mm Petty ( http://knifewear.com/knife-family.asp... ). My question is what knife to get next.

It's not that I NEED any more knives. I've got a bunch of Victorinox/Foreschner knives (chef's in two sizes, serrated bread, boning, fileting) and assorted other knives (carving, paring). Oh, and I've got a Kamagata Usuba I bought at Aritsugu in Kyoto when I was living there. But I'm going to take my Japanese knives in to be sharpened and it's very likely that I'll be tempted into buying something else.

I'm looking for more suggestions of type rather than brand. Knifewear has more brands in store than what they've got on their website and there are tomatoes and potatoes there to try out most of the knives in store, so I can compare the feel of different knives once I'm there.

Some possible choices would be:

-a heavier Gyuto with a yo handle (would probably be in stainless)
-paring knife (again probably stainless and yo handle)
-sujihiki or yanagiba

The last two could be in carbon steel.

Would there be any reason to get a nakiri or a santoku if so far I'm happy using a gyuto for most tasks? So what's the advice from the Japanese knife experts out there?

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