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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Attachment


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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Attachment

Roberto | Mar 23, 2006 10:04 AM

Thought I would pass this on. Amazon now has two stand mixers that seem worthy and are well priced. The description is a little off at their site, but both the RKG25HOXWH (475 Watt "HD" model) and RKV25GOXWW (450 Watt Professional 5 Plus model) (both refurbished) are available for $175 shipped. So are a few other models, but these appear to me to be the better choice (larger motor).

I got this info from Kitchenaid.com chat:

"The KG25H0X Professional HD Series is a SAMS/BJ'S exclusive. This 475watt model has an 11cup capacity Flour Power. This bowl-lift Stand Mixer comes with a Narrow 5qt Stainless Steel Bowl, Burnished Flat Beater, PowerKnead Spiral Dough Hook and Wire Whip. This unit also features Commercial Auto Reset and Soft Start Electronic Controls. Available in White, Red, and Metallic Chrome.

Yvonne: The KV25G0X Professional 5 Plus Stand Mixer is KitchenAid's newest standard 5qt bowl-lift Stand Mixer. This 450watt model has a 12cup Flour Power capacity. The KV25G0X comes with a new 5qt Stainless Steel WIDE MOUTH Bowl, Coated Flat Beater, Coated PowerKnead Spiral dough Hook and Wire Whip. This unit also features Commercial Auto Reset and Soft Start Electronic Controls. Available colors: Cobalt Blue, Caviar, Empire Red, Imperial Grey, Onyx Black, and White."

Another point is that the tilt head models do not stand as tall and are more suitable for an under-counter location. This was not an issue for me, the above two models are lift bowl type. Also, for the lift bowl, you have to disconnect the attachments to remove the bowl, which I believe is not the case for the tilt head.

I went with the KV25GOX for two reasons. The bowl is squatter and wider, easier to look into add ingredients, etc than the HD model. Also, it is their new "standard" model and I figure it may be easier in the long run to find parts than a custom model made model for BJs. The KA rep stated the lift bowl type is extremely popular as of late and outsells the tilt type.

Note that the wattage info is inconsistent at the Amazon website (the above info from KA.com is accurate) and that the picture shown for the KG25HoX model (the "HD") is not correct, the bowl is taller and a little narrower for this model.

I would appreciate any comments on my choice; this was kind of a spur of the moment purchase, though I've been contemplating one of these for years, if not decades.

I also got the ice cream maker and here is my question:

Can I make 1 cup of ice cream at a time or is there a minimum amount that has to be made such as for a coffee maker? If so, what is this minimum?

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