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Kitchen tip you thought would be good but actually disappointed you?

Bryan Pepperseed | Feb 4, 201006:26 AM

Following the thread "What is one tip that you learned about cooking that was simple but made a huge difference?" has been both fun and educational for me. It also got me thinking about tips I WOULDN'T recommend.

The one that comes to my mind first is using a salad spinner to remove seeds from canned tomatoes. It sounded like it would be better than doing it by hand, but for me it just wasn't. Less messy - yes, but not as productive.

Anyone else have any "Don't bother" type tips?

PS - For anyone who hasn't seen the above mentioned thread:

Also, in case anyone is wondering, Alton told me to remove the seeds because they cause tomato sauce to become bitter - and it MUST be true if he said it, right???

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