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kitchen OWIES!?!

kseiverd | Mar 28, 201405:51 PM

After 1-2 experiences, KNOW to LEAVE a pot holder over lid of casserole dish. That split second between KNOWING your fingers are getting bruent and being able to put down that lid go on FOREVER!! Can't even imagine the PAIN people go thru with serious burns, cuz a lid burn HURTS!!

Sliced into my thumb last SUnday. Was a nice sharp knife so there was a delay between actuall cutting and realizing I had hurt myself?? Nothing spurting, but decent amount of BLEED... as my niece called it as a kid. Have been "doctoring" it myself as a MAJOR "paper cut" since then. Right index finger on a right-handed person... cut just waiting to be re-opened.

How have you injured yourself in the kitchen??

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