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Kitchen limbo- what do I need?

sueatmo | May 4, 201206:39 PM

If all goes according to plan, I will soon be living short term in an apartment in a city not my own. If all continues to go as planned, I will later be living in a strange town, in a strange house, but I will be close to beloved kids and grandkids.

My question is about what to take with me for the transition stay in the apartment. We will have to rent furniture. I will have to provide cooking gear. I plan to take a few thing with me (interstate car trip) and mail other things to one of the kids' addresses. I also plan on adding some more recipes into Paprika, the recipe manager I use on my IPad.

I have skillets of several sorts, small and large pots, lots of Pyrex measuring cups, baking dishes, tongs, spatulas--all the normal gear of someone who cooks daily meals. I won't be taking countertop appliances. Help me choose what I should take, and what I can afford to mail. I think stuff should be multi purpose, and sturdy. I am willing to thrift and bargain shop for bakeware, dishes, silverware, etc. when I arrive. I want to be able to limit what I take in the car to the contents of a large thermal bag. What I send must be carefully chosen because it costs a lot to send anything, anywhere!

I imagine I will be doing only simple cooking in the apartment. The stove looks second rate, and there won't be a lot of workspace.

I welcome your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

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