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New kitchen ideas

lichow | Oct 3, 2009 06:32 AM


We are buying an old Victorian house with an existing kitchen from the 50's-not cool and/or funky, just old and kind of small with only a few cabinets and 35 yr old appliances. We don't have $$ to do a total kitchen reno but will tear out old cabinets and appliances and floor and put in new, in existing space.

We have a (somewhat complex) purchase/renovation loan that requires me to price out all ahead of time and submit bid to a consultant who then doles out the I am starting to troll for ideas.

My question: to anyone who has (or has a friend who has) renovated a kitchen in the recent past...anything you would avoid? Any ideas you can pass on? I know this is a broad topic....I will be looking through (and posting in) other forums re: cabinetry or appliances as I HIGHLY value fellow CHers opinions, but thought I would start here.

Thanks to any and all who reply.

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