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Kitchen Etiquette

nutz1225 | Sep 14, 201101:51 PM

I houseshare with 4 other people, most not related to me. It’s a mixed bunch: A retiree who stays home all day (no relation), a mother & her dd (40 & 20) who work various hours (no relation), myself and boyfriend (mid 30’s) who are 9-5ers (hr+ long commutes to work). I own the house.

We share the kitchen space, which is horribly laid out (non-existent counter space).

Is it wrong of me to resent the retiree doing extensive baking during hours when the majority of the household is home, i.e. 6:30 to 9 at night? I got home around 7 one night and couldn’t use the kitchen because she had spread out over the little available counter space and the stove top. I ended up not even eating dinner (boyfriend was out of town). Yes, she shared half a cake w/ the rest of the house mates, but we wouldn’t eat it (that’s another story).

I feel bad saying “don’t do this” because if I ever want to bake, I have to do it during the 6:30-9 period. Is it fair to say one person can’t use the kitchen during certain times, but others can?

Yes, a kitchen renovation is in the future, but not anytime soon. Maybe 3-4 years.

BTW, if someone else is using the kitchen, the retiree will descend upon it and start doing something (peeling produce, making food for herself, etc.) no fail. Even if she’s been sitting reading the paper for the past 3 hours.

Is she just looking for attention to validate her cooking?

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