Cookware 22

What kitchen equipment do you never use but is always in your kitchen?

Puffin3 | Feb 13, 201206:37 AM

I have this 'thing' about wanting to be able to make good chinese food. I think once in fifty years I've made a decent chinese dish and that must have been by accident. So over time I've purchased things like bamboo steamers and woks and then I get fed up and give them away then a couple of years later at say a garage sale I'll see a steamer or a wok and drag them home only to give them away some time later. Here's few more items I should never be allowed to buy because I can't use them or they inevitably end up at the back of the drawer. Garlic press/potato ricer/bamboo sticks for impaling meat on/those little fold out steamers/steak knives/fondue sets. What are some of your 'boomerang' kitchen items?

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