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kitchen disasters??

kseiverd | Jun 17, 201205:05 AM

I'm "new" here. Like to start by seeing if anyone else has any good food DISASTERS they're willing to confess to?!?

Biggest one I can think of involved a BIG $$$ hunka beef tenderloin! My Dad was a BIG beef lover. I was maybe 17-18 yo (MANY years ago) and he decided Sunday dinner would be Beef Wellington. Pretty sure he saw it on Julia or Jeff Smith... when only cooking shows were on public TV and actually TAUGHT ya something. Looked simple enough... beef wrapped in pastry dough and baked. I was totally comfortable in the kitchen, so got to work. Was patting myself on the back as I assembled it, even made little leaf decorations outta scraps... it looked GREAT! When it came out of oven, looked like something right out of a fancy cookbook! We all sit down to eat... and you COULD NOT cut thru the crust!! My 14-15 yo brother was LITERALLY ROFL! My Grandfather kept saying things like "it's fine"! We almost had to CHISEL the crust off. Luckily, the meat was perfectly done inside, so not a total fail.

Another time, Dad wanted Won Ton soup... I KNOW this recipe came outta one of Jeff mith's cookbooks. Won ton noodles & broth from scratch. Looked great, broth was yummy... but noodles were so tough you could barely chew them!?!

Anybody wanna share their fails?

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