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Your kitchen cleaning tips

chocomel | Jan 11, 201209:51 PM

I'm curious to hear how everyone goes about cleaning his/her kitchen. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Some of my regular kitchen cleaning routine include:

- Nuking the sponge in the microwave especially when it has that not properly dry smell
- Disinfecting and cleaning out fridge very regularly, but somehow not sure how to tackle the freezer
- Grinding lemons in the insinknerator (does not really "clean" but I really think this cleanse the odor in the kitchen)
- Choosing only Dawn dish soap as i don't feel that other soaps have the same grease-cutting strengths

What are your cleaning routine/tips/tricks? Do you make your own cleaning solution to disinfect your countertops (if so, how do you make it?)? Do you arrange or organize your kitchen a certain way? Do you use zip lock bags to seal everything or must you foil wrap everything to make sure the food is sealed properly? Basically, anything goes.. I am really curious and hoping to learn something new. Thank you!

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