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Kitchen 388 (Oakland, Grand Lake area) - Four Barrel coffee and excellent homemade pop tarts


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Kitchen 388 (Oakland, Grand Lake area) - Four Barrel coffee and excellent homemade pop tarts

abstractpoet | Jul 19, 2011 05:20 PM

Just checked out this new place at 388 Grand Ave. in Oakland, like a five-minute walk from my front door. It's a cafe / breakfast / lunch place, serving Four Bottle coffee and a variety of sandwiches and breakfasty items.

With the qualification that I haven't tried the new Boot & Shoe coffee shop yet, I would say that the Four Barrel brew they're serving is by far the best coffee I've had in the Lake Merritt area. (The competition is pretty weak, to be sure.) Not an elaborate "third wave" setup with multiple varietals or a pour-over station - I couldn't see for sure, but I think they're brewing in a run-of-the-mill coffee machine. Still, the Guatemalan they were serving today was well-balanced and clean-tasting - neither overly acidic (to my taste), nor over-steeped or over-roasted. At $2.00 for a small cup (which I thought was actually quite large), with a free refill if you eat in, this is a deal.

Lots of interesting breakfast options, most priced at under $6. A generous slice of frittata had corn, roasted peppers, and spinach - nice and moist. Came with toast. The egg sandwich came with an egg cooked to your preference, ham, cheese, and a bit of jam - served on a homemade biscuit. A bit messy to eat (I used a knife and fork) but quite good.

Best of all was the home-made pop tart. Two flavors available today: pecan and strawberry-rhubarb. The strawberry-rhubarb pop tart was GREAT. Real fruit in the filling, not too sweet, and a nice flaky crust - forgot to ask if it was all-butter. I don't even like pop tarts, but I loved this. I think it was like $2 - again, a steal.

Bright airy space. Wi-fi available, but no outlets (to discourage potential malingerers like me, I presume).

Hours are 8:00 to 4:00, closed Mondays - the website says they'll expand those hours eventually. Sign in the window says they've applied for a liquor license.

Apparently they've been open for like three weeks, but I think they only put up a sign this past weekend.

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