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Kirkland Frozen Raw Shrimp

1sweetpea | Oct 5, 2012 10:17 AM

I am so disappointed with this product. I purchased the 2lb (907g) bag of shrimp (peeled, with tails still attached). The frozen shrimp looked plump and attractive. The defrosted shrimp looked a whole lot smaller and were sitting in a pool of salt water. After cooking them in a minimal amount of olive oil, there was another large puddle of salty water and some very medium-sized cooked shrimp, not large as the package stated. I understand that all shrimp are a little more plump when frozen, due to the expansion of water molecules. I was expecting a bit of shrinkage, especially since water and salt are listed as ingredients, in addition to the shrimps, but come on!!! The shrimp varied in size from small to barely medium, yet the package states 31-40 shrimp per pound. I highly doubt that. I buy frozen shrimp from my regular grocery store and the same 31-40 per pound look like medium shrimp when cooked. I will never again buy Kirkland Signature frozen shrimp of any size, peeled or unpeeled. It seems to me the company is brining smaller shrimp so that they weigh in heavier when frozen. The initially attractive price tag now strikes me as a ripoff. If I pay for 2 lbs of large shrimp (at whatever price), I expect just that. In hindsight, I so wish I had weighed the entire defrosted bag AFTER draining off the pool of fluid.

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