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Jess | Sep 24, 2005 11:05 AM

I took a colleague of mine to Kiriko the other day. She swears by Sasabune and dragged me there a few weeks ago. (I really tried to be polite even as I ate the stringy bits and pieces called albacore sashimi). But this week I returned the favor, and now Kiriko has another convert.

We each got the $29.50 omakase lunch, which is 10 pieces of sushi and ice cream, though we were too stuffed to try the ice cream. My colleague does not like "adventurous" things like squid or uni. I can't remember exactly what we had, but here are a few standouts:

2 types of toro. One was more pink than most toro, while the other was blood red. Melt-in-your mouth tender.

Amberjack. Ken said this was very fresh and he was right.

Red snapper with orange essence and sea salt. The snapper tasted almost infused with orange and the saltiness just sharpened the flavor. Ken instructed us to eat this without soy sauce.

Octopus. Now as a disclaimer, I rarely try octopus, because I find it too tough. But I discovered on previous trips to Kiriko that I love the way Ken prepares things that I normally dislike at other restaurants (like uni). This octopus was amazing. It was soft, which Ken explained was due to him preparing it using indirect heat in a smoker. Fabulous.

Smoked salmon sushi. Ken makes his own. It's a wonderful smokey flavor, but not overkill. My colleague loves salmon and thought this was the best dish of all.

Blue crab handroll. Stuffed full of blue crab. I like this roll, although the crab flavor is pretty subtle.

When we were done, I asked Ken if he had one more fabulous item that wasn't part of the omakase. He recommended either a chopped toro handroll or a seared toro. I decided to let him choose and he prepared the seared toro. WOW! He seared it using a blowtorch, added a little sauce (perhaps a ponzu), and some chopped pickle. The outside of the toro was nearly carmelized, but the inside was buttery. The sourness from the pickle enhanced the flavor. Just wonderful.

Total bill for 2 (drinking tea and iced green tea) with tax and tip: $84.

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