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EdGruberman | May 19, 200802:58 PM

What kind of fish is it? The English vernacular and scientific name is what I'm after ideally.

It looked identical to this: http://uoichi.mitelog.jp/photos/uncat...

I've spent a bit of time searching, but to no avail. Perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places or lack the Japanese to find the information properly.

The main problem I think is that I don't trust most of the information I do find that is seemingly related to it. There seems to be a big problem with people claiming Tai is "Red Snapper", when my understanding is it's really supposed to be Japanese Red Seabream. I believe you can clarify this by asking for "Madai" ("Genuine" Tai). But alot of times New Zealand Red Snapper is served, or even worse, Tilapia (izumidai) is served instead. This all seems to be due to people not wanting to explain Red Seabream out and what it is, when Red Snapper is "close enough". Other times it seems either vendors or suppliers are purposely misleading the public in order to save money. Either way, it sure makes for one big clusterfk.

I've seen people refer to Kimedai as "Bigeye Snapper", "Red Snapper", and "Glasseye Snapper" but I can't find any pictures of these names of fish that match what the sushi chef showed me. So I'm led to believe either they are wrong names or complicated under similar circumstances as Tai.

If anyone has any detailed information on this fish, I'd love to learn more about it. I just had some for sushi last week in San Diego at Sushi Ota and I'm totally taken aback by this fish. For a white fish, it had immense flavor (I did have it aburi style though, that may be cheating a bit?).

I put this topic into the Japan area as I couldn't think of a better place for it. But I'm kind of new around here, so please let me know if I should do something different with this topic.

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