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What kind of squash is this?

boogie350 | Nov 19, 201504:00 PM

We picked this up at our local farmer's market today for $3. It's a good 16" long and 6" thick. The kid in the booth said he *thought* it was a banana squash, sweet, similar to a butternut. I'm thinking he's probably right.

Anyways... I'm thinking of:
- slice it into half-moons
- coating it with a dissolved mixture of butter, extra virgin Olive oil and brown sugar,
- into a hot oven at 350° (it's the only temp it does! I *really* need a new oven!)
- turning after 20 minutes or the bottom is browned
- flipping and continue baking until the other side is brown.

Questions I ponder...
- To peel or not to peel? I'm thinking peeled with a cucumber peeler.
- How thick to slice it? 1/2" 3/4"? 1"??
- Should I give it a light dusting of plain sugar before baking to help it carmelize?
- Maybe drop the brown sugar from the butter glaze and instead make a butter and brown sugar "sauce" to drizzle over it when done?

Also, this is way more than than wifey and I can eat in a setting... Heck, this is probably enough for four servings! If I slice the remaining raw squash into half-moons, can I freeze it on a cookie sheet and then put into a freezer baggie? Dry? Wet? Wipe with touch of oil first? How long would it keep?

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