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What kind of prep table / island should I get?

Conundrums | Feb 27, 201210:43 PM

I downsized, and there is not enough counter space.

I am leaning toward a stainless steel prep table instead of a normal wood top. Price matters so I don't want granite. Is there some kind of table that's more natural but not expensive? I am imagining some kind of stone slab could be healthy and not taint food. I like to avoid stainless touching my food. I can detect the metallic tastes. For example could I just buy some natural counter slab, and put it on top of a normal kitchen table, and raise them up a couple feet?

Are there any other negatives to a SS prep table? They seem more hygenic and easier to clean. Great. Also seems more lasting than wood top ones. Wood can get small slice marks destroying the protective layer, right? I would not cut right on the surface, but I mean from accidental cuts.

I am unsure if I should get a cart. It looks like most prep tables have one shelf and no drawers or cabinets. Also some are not on wheels. The cart is usually small though.

I don't know what height I should aim for. I am shorter than an average person. I should see where my arms naturally hang when I am standing with elbows at 90 degrees? They are probably all about the same height.

Any other advice on what to look for or avoid? There was a great used one I should have bought, but I hesitated too long about the SS top. Thanks for your help.

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