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What kind of health official would rec. S&L on oatmeal?

fayehess | Feb 27, 200804:36 AM

This morning I read an article in the Seattle Times about the importance of not skipping breakfast
(newsline@Seattletimes.com--plan ahead and you won't have to skip breakfast) and although everybody knows it's good to eat breakfast, the woman giving the facts (a legitimate nutritionist) just seems to be a woman with nothing but dieting on her mind and a face for facts that have been disputed for ages now. She pushes artificial sweetner on your oatmeal, saying "people shouldn't dismiss millions of dollars of research just because of a few urban myths." What???!! What about the research that claims artificial sweetner can in fact lead you down a slippery slope of always wanting more, make it harder to lose the weight, and in the NYT, that heart patients who drank diet soda had lower rates of recovery?
At the beginning of the interview, she cuts her omelet in half at the restaurant, and slips it into a take away container before eating. This is a woman with issues, and I am shocked that the journalist didn't provide some balance. fayefood.com

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