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What Kind of Fondue Pot?


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What Kind of Fondue Pot?

ApartmentDweller | Oct 31, 2009 10:48 PM

First off, I'm not even sure that I "NEED" a fondue pot; maybe I just "WANT" one!!!

I've had my eye on an enameled cast iron 1.5-quart one, very reputable brand. The manufacturer claims that it can be used for cheese/chocolate or broth, but when I read the reviews some owners said that it didn't work too well for broth fondue. Conversely, according to what I've read stainless is very good for broth fondue, but: (1) Like 5% of all women (you know, those of us who must purchase "special" earrings!), I'm allergic to nickel so have been advised to avoid stainless. (2) Cheese/chocolate fondues will burn in SS.

So what is a good all-around fondue pot made of? I read on another threat a quote from a book on fondue by some guy Rogers, and he suggested ceramic! Yet several sites say to avoid it.

Being logical/pragmatic/utilitarian, I *DO* own a crockpot, which I know will work for the cheese/chocolate fondue just sans the ambience. But what about the broth fondue -- is that doable in a crockpot on the High setting?

Any suggestions?

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