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What kind of bean curd is this? Driving me crazy!


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What kind of bean curd is this? Driving me crazy!

Howard_2 | Oct 23, 2009 11:35 AM

A few months ago, I posted a request for a recipe for "spiced bean curd". I'm renewing my quest for info, because back then I never got an answer that was on-target.

What I'm trying to learn about is the bean curd in this recipe. It's not quite like any other bean curd I've seen.

Some posters suggested that the bean curd had been fried, but that's not right. Fried bean curd has a crust which is different from the bean curd inside.

This bean curd reminds me of a product I get in the Asian market (Kam Man, in Quincy MA) called pressed bean curd. Pressed bean curd is even firmer than "firm" bean curd, comes in smaller pieces, and has an ivory color.

And the shape of the pieces is interesting, too. They do not look like they are cut with a knife. They are oblong, and irregular in size and shape.

Does anyone have any info about the kind of bean curd this is, and how it's been processed or processed into those pieces?

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