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I am probably killing my good deal , but ... (Starbucks related)


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I am probably killing my good deal , but ... (Starbucks related)

axesbowledaslove | Sep 19, 2006 03:35 AM

I never was a fan of the Iced Cafe Mochas at Starbucks. First of all, their standard recipe uses 6 pumps of chocolate syrup (for the Venti size), way too much for my taste. Second, they add milk before the ice and that results in not nearly enough room in the cup for ice, so the result is stratified layers of hot drink below the ice, and third, three shots of espresso isn't quite up to snuff. I like 4.

So what I would do is order the mocha with 2 pumps only, add an extra shot of espresso, then have them fill the cup with ice. When prepared in that fashion, there is only a little room on top of the drink for a float of milk.

My cost for this was $4.30 (including the extra shot) at my local Starbucks.

What I discovered is that you can have the same drink for $2.40.

How? Order the Iced Cafe Americano, have them add two pumps of chocolate, then hold the water and just fill the cup with ice.

The Iced Cafe Americano already comes with 4 shots of espresso. The local store never charges me for the two pumps of chocolate, and the milk?

I just trot it over to the creamer station and float a bit of half and half on the top, snap the lid back on, and walk.

$1.90/drink saved.

The scam works the same for iced lattes, order the Americano, hold the water and fill with ice, then float with milk/h&h at the prep station.

The drinks are strong, delicious, cold, and 50% cheaper than ordering either a mocha or latte.

This is my first post here. Hope it helps.

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