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Killer Grilled Corn


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Killer Grilled Corn

Michael Kleinman | Jun 6, 2000 12:23 AM

A few days ago our power went out and I was forced to cook our entire meal on the grill. Part of it included corn on the cob. Now I had grilled corn before with mint leaves inserted under the desilked huskes,and it was pretty good. But I could not remember the details-do I soak the corn in cold water first,do you grill it on low heat for a long time? So I decided to check a reference to get a little direction. I figured Rosengarten's Dean & Deluca cook book would be most apt to address the subject and sure enough on page 174 he dedicated a little box of copy precisely to it. The jist of it is that any corn grilled with the husks on, weather it be desilked, soaked in water, soaked in milk, just steams the corn on the grill and never achives a smoky grilled flavor. The only way to get a grilled flavor is to grill the corn not the husks. So I placed my husked corn right on the hot grill and turned it periodicly till it was charred a deep brown all over. It looked incredible ,but better yet it was sweet and tender with an amazing smoky taste! It did not need butter or salt, of course I put them both on anyway just to check it out. So then the wheels started turning and I figured why not Grill Eggplant for Baba Ganoosh with the skin off so the flesh contacts the flame and charrs. It worked but not before an initial failure for unless you brush the eggplant with oil first, it just dries up and is ineddible. Now I'm thinking of all the things you can do with the grilled corn off the cobb like grilled corn & Chipotle pepper soup, spinach salad w/grilled corn ,roasted tomatoes and Chévre, Casadilla's w/ grilled corn and grilled onions.

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