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how much do your kids eat? how old are they?

eLizard | Mar 19, 201509:35 AM

my almost 6 year old son eats a lot. has since the daycare infant room. he'd get his grain bar and melon first and then they'd go around the table to the other kids until they got back to him. and he'd be ready for round 2. on occasion he eats more than me (and i have a big appetite). He typically has 2 breakfasts (one at home and one at school). and then his school lunch. and then after school snack which yesterday was 2 bowls of cereal with the husband (that would not have happened on my watch! LOL). then dinner was a bowl of pasta fagiole. he's thin as a rail, of course. and his diet, while not overly adventurous is not picky. we don't order off the children's menu too frequently. i try and keep it pretty healthy. no juice, no soda, whole foods as much as i can control. i don't know why i'm mentioning all this......

anyway, i'm wondering if i should be saving up for the teenage years when his and his friends' appetites are really remarkable.

How much do your chow pups eat?

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