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Kicked out of a restaurant after (posted online) closing time


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Kicked out of a restaurant after (posted online) closing time

hsk | Dec 22, 2013 10:37 PM

I'm usually pretty sensitive to this but I didn't realize when I made the 8pm reservation that their hours were until 9:30 on Tuesday, and they didn't mention their hours when I made it. It was a regular dinner that I have with a couple of friends and we usually chat a while over dinner. We arrived at 8pm and by the time we finished our food it was just after 10. We paid the bill around 15 minutes later but were still talking when we were approached and told they had closed an hour ago. There were two other tables that I think were told the same thing, we all got up and left within a few minutes (that's what we do in Calgary).

I'm wondering, is it reasonable to expect that they should have said what time they close when I made the reservation? If I had known that they closed within 1.5 hours we would likely have gone somewhere else since we usually spend at least 2 hours (usually more) chatting and catching up. It's always on a weekday so it's not like there are others booked after us. It was a Thai restaurant that I'd been to once before, and I had selected it. The food was better the first time, but it was good. I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable to be annoyed about getting kicked out and not go back.

I'd be OK with it if it was a long time after we had paid but it was basically less than 20 minutes. I don't know what the other two tables thought. They offered dessert after we had dinner (I think after 9:30) and we ordered some which contributed to the lateness.

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