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Kenya: Good wines or wine shops in Nairobi?


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Kenya: Good wines or wine shops in Nairobi?

GDSwamp | Dec 3, 2010 02:25 AM

I'm still relatively new to Kenya and especially Nairobi (I've been coming for work since '08 but have probably spent a month total in the city) and haven't really figured out buying wine here. I've bought some pretty bad bottles and am hoping it's just me and not that one can't get good-value wine.

Most of the wineries represented in the stores are ones I don't recognize, and the ones I do recognize are from the giant factory wineries usually found in the bargain aisle in the States (Black Tower, Yellowtail). I would assume that there are good buys to be found from, e.g. South African wineries, but I don't know one from another. I'm not a wine snob or authority by any means, but I do know that the wines I've bought in recent Nairobi stays have been not-so-good. It may also be where I'm shopping - Nakumatts and a couple of smaller groceries - but I'm not sure where else to look.

Any advice on where to shop or what to buy?

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