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Kennedy Fried Chicken

Mike5966 | Nov 6, 2012 07:53 AM

I'd driven by this place a thousand times and never was curious enough to go in. But after trying a really underwhelming plate of fried chicken at Sweet Cheeks a few weeks ago (yes the crust is very crispy but not salty enough and way too thick, i.e., almost a centimeter of fried breading in many places), I wanted some decent, cheap, fast food fried chicken that was not KFCs or Popeye's.

I've been there twice now, the first time was really moist and delicious, the second time a little dry. Both times, the crust on the chicken was nice and thin, shatteringly crisp, with a nice, really mild cayenne-type pepperiness that I really liked. The best part is it's super cheap. Two-piece meal for $2.50. Downside is that there is no place to sit, and all the sides I've tried are horrible (cole slaw gloppy and not crunchy at all, mashed potatoes were like a spongy puck of potato that looked and tasted like it was days old and microwaved for heat). That said, they offer chicken-only combos that are a great deal. Photo below.

Kennedy Fried Chicken has two locations at least, one in JP and one on South Tremont St. just south of Mass. Ave.

Anyone else know some hole-in-the-wall fried chicken joints that serve a decent cheap plate of the stuff? I beg you not to mention anything that comes served with a lime/watermelon glaze... I'm bored to death of and tired of paying three-four times as much for "fancy" but just plain bad fried chicken.

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