Keeping oxygen from the wine....


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Keeping oxygen from the wine....

janetofreno | Oct 23, 2006 06:18 AM

OK, I'm not a wine expert by any stretch of the imagination, so forgive me if my question is too easy:

I attended a (fascinating!) lecture about nutrition, aging and disease prevention today (It was a continuing education lecture). Anyway, I won't overly bore you with the details (speaker recommends eating a serving of each of the following foods once per day: spinach, sardines, and blueberries...)..but he also recommends one glass a day of red wine for women (two is ok for men....)....and NO MORE. Oh, and did you know that Pinot Noir has the highest concentration of the good antioxidants you're looking for??

But, the kicker is this: If you open the bottle, drink your glass or two, then there will undoubtably be wine left. HOWEVER, if you just stick the cork on top oxygen will enter, and that will break down the anti-oxidants. Now, the speaker mentioned a device with some sort of vacumn seal...anyone know where you can get one? And this may be a really stupid question, but would a screw-top bottle help? (and if so, can anyone recommend good Pinot Noirs with good screw tops??) Or at least anyone know of any good Pinots that come in "half-bottles"? I hate to see good wine go to waste....

DH and I are serious about trying the glass of red wine a day thing, and appreciate your advice. I mean, its not like we're being forced to drink something we hate :-) This guy had some very convincing statistics. And since I like spinach, blueberries, AND sardines, we will probably attempt to incorporate those as well.

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